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Introducing the Casulo Self-Irrigating Pot, an innovative and practical solution to take care of your plants easily and efficiently. This vase combines functionality with an elegant design, providing an ideal environment for your plants to grow.


Constructed with high-quality PP resin, the Cocoon Self-Watering Pot offers strong moisture retention, ensuring your plants receive the water they need to thrive. Available in a classic color combination of white and black, this vase stands out for its minimalist and sophisticated aesthetic.


With a variety of sizes to choose from, from small to extra large, you can find the perfect size for your plants and the space available in your home or garden.


The distinctive features of the Casulo Self-Irrigating Pot include:


- Injection molding process that results in a smooth surface and rounded corners, ensuring durability and safety.


- Absorbent cotton rope at the bottom of the planting basket, which automatically absorbs water, making the irrigation process simple and efficient.


- Thickened material for a more robust and durable appearance.


- Super hardness, allowing the vase to be handled without worrying about damage.



The package includes a fixed basket and absorbent cotton rope, providing everything you need to start caring for your plants right away.


With the Cocoon Self-Watering Pot, you can enjoy healthy, vibrant plants, while saving time and effort with watering. Transform your gardening experience with this smart and stylish planter.