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Introducing the Basket of Fertilizers for Plants, the ideal complement for your pots, flower and orchid nurseries. Developed with high quality materials, it offers an effective solution for the controlled application of fertilizers, ensuring the healthy and vibrant growth of your plants.

With a clever design, the basket is designed to contain fertilizer granules and fertilizers safely, preventing birds from stealing them and protecting them from damage. Furthermore, its cover prevents waste caused by wind movements, ensuring that the fertilizer is used efficiently.

With approximate dimensions of 5 cm and available in black, the Fertilizer Basket is a practical and versatile choice for any gardener or plant lover. Each package includes 20 or 100 units, ensuring you have enough to meet your garden's needs.

Invest in the health and beauty of your plants with the Plant Compost and Fertilizer Basket - a convenient and effective way to nourish your garden and enjoy lush flowers all year round.