Since 1999 committed to a collaborative and contextual approach to creating unique landscape projects and developing products in the segment.

Constantly aiming to develop a more pleasant way of life through the intelligent use of green for you, your home and your garden. Embracing the idea of providing welcome, integration and a full experience.

Believing that design and planning solutions arise from interaction with people, their stories and ecosystems has provided me with great experiences in the area, developing and implementing landscaping projects in the most varied situations, biomes, dimensions and work teams.

Working with projects on different scales, ranging from national parks to planters in apartments, compositions with ornamental vases in public squares, condominiums, residences, enterprises, farms and subdivisions, valuing native species and harmonious

In addition to planning and consultancy for green areas, Botânica & co. develops and sells products with a botanical theme, vases and cachepots, terrariums, paludariums, seeds of exotic and native tree species, seeds of palm trees and ornamental plants, production of exotic and native palm trees, imported agricultural products for better results in gardens, vegetable gardens and orchards and much more.

 “Presenting modern and sophisticated solutions for green areas has become Botânica’s greatest desire and commitment, concentrating efforts to achieve one main objective: creating your next desire.”

Aligned with the values of sustainability with beauty and refinement with savings, we present to you our new brand. New physical store, new visual identity, new products and the same Botany & co. "For you, your home and your garden"

- Training

Drawing at the School of Fine Arts - UFMG - (1996) incomplete

Landscaping - INAP - complete (1999)


- Main works carried out

Revitalization project for Praça Alberto Dalva Simão (Pampulha - Belo Horizonte) together with landscaper Haruyoshi Ono (Burle Marx Office - RJ) (2006)

Recovery of degraded areas of Ibitipoca Park (MG)

Recovery of degraded areas of Parque do Rio Doce (MG)

Casa Cor Minas Gerais - Jardim do Bar e Café - 2001 edition

Serra Mar (Angra dos Reis)

Angra dos Reis Airport (RJ)



- Architecture and engineering offices served

Athié Wohnrath (SP. RJ)

Haruyoshi Ono - Burle Marx Office (RJ)

Anastasia architects (MG)

Anaine Pitchon (MG)

Fernando Hermani (MG)

Andrea Buratto (MG)

Nelson Horta (MG)

Ana Paula Rohlfs (MG)

Junia Ferrari (MG)

Marcos Ganem (MG)


- Courses, lectures and coordination

Gave a lecture on landscaping during Minas Casa women's week. (2002)

Creator of Wood ornamental vases. (2005)

Environmental Exhibition at Ponteio Lar Shopping. (2001 and 2002)

Participation in the First Minas Gerais Landscaping Exhibition. (2005)

Creator of Guia Jardim (2004 and 2007)

Creator of the Pampulha Plants and Flowers Fair. (2005)

HS Gardening Course Advisor.

Guest speaker for the theme “Marketing in Landscaping” at Design Week held by the Institute of Art and Projects - INAP (2009 and 2010)

Creator of the Botanical Fair


Creator of Loja Botânica & co.