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Prata Ouro
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An elegant piece of jewelry that captures the lush beauty of the Monstera Deliciosa plant leaf. Crafted from high-quality 925 sterling silver and delicately plated in 18k gold, this pendant is a celebration of nature at its most graceful.



Featuring a meticulously crafted design, the pendant features intricate details that reflect the texture and distinctive contour of Monstera leaves. Every curve and every rib is faithfully reproduced, resulting in a piece that is both a work of art and an elegant accessory.


A versatile choice, perfect for adding a touch of sophistication and natural style to any look. Whether worn alone on a delicate chain or combined with other pendants to create a unique look, the Monstera Pendant is sure to attract admiring glances.


Add a touch of freshness and botanical elegance to your jewelry collection with the Monstera Pendant.